Apple Promotes its Arcade Subscriptions

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Apple is cross-promoting it’s Arcade

The iPhone creators are using their products to advertise their video game subscriptions on their main website. Apple using its main site to cross-promote and encourage users to subscribe to Apple Arcade. If you’ve seen Apple’s site recently you’d find Apple Arcade characters such as Sonic and Frogger have taken over Apple’s homepage.

Arcade characters are here 

This take over is designed to promote Apple’s arcade service. You’ll see Hot Lava’s Hazard leaping in your screen and bouncing from one iPhone to another with lava following closely. There’s also Sonic the Hedgehog driving around his classic blue racing car casually driving over a MacBook Pro’s keyboard. 

Other characters are the Lego Minifigures who are watching themselves in character in Hd on Apple TV. Since it’s launch back in September, Apple’s Arcade has now included more than 100 games in its server. There are original games and there are also classic games from which you can choose from. 

Apple Arcade is Apple’s new subscription that comes with no games an in-app purchases. It’s ad-free as well, so players can play their games with the fear of distractions. Apple has priced the platform at $4.99/month and $49.99/year. Getting the annual subscription means having two months of your subscription fee waived off. Apple has not released any information on the number of subscribers for Apple Arcade. However, Apple continues to promote it and various platforms, including retail stores. 

The mobile gaming industry

Apple said that its gaming platform has no ads and no in-app purchases. Your subscription fee gives you access to their gaming library. You can play online or offline – just make sure that you’ve downloaded your game beforehand if you are planning to keep playing it even if you’re not in the city. 

Due to that premise, Apple was able to push through to its aim of wanting the games to be accessible anywhere you are in the world. Mobile players around the globe are slowly switching from their Nintendo Switch to the new Apple gaming business. There are so many plays and games one try giving ago. Give the game catalog a visit and see which ones you want to play and download. 

Little is known as to when this special ad promo featuring Arcade characters end. Go check it out now before they’re all gone. By using its main site, and family of products to promote each other, Apple is creating a demand for both products.

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