Anchor can Covert Conference Calls into Podcasts

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 Spotify-owned Anchor’s new tool aims to help businesses get more from their video chat content. 

Anchor announced a new feature that enables users to turn their video conference recordings into podcast episodes. This means that your next Zoom meeting, Skype, Google Meet, or Instagram Live session with your team can be turned into a podcast and share it with all your followers, customers, and potential clients to hear.

Spotify acquired Anchor, a podcast recording and distribution platform last year for about $140 million. This was a move that Spotify had to make to further grow as a streaming and podcasting platform. Since the acquisition, the music streaming platform has continued to edge its way into the podcasting space.

Podcasting industry in a bind

It’s a difficult time for many industries today. People are banned from meeting together which makes it hard for podcasters to record their sessions in the studios. There is also a decline in the listeners’ traffic as people are shifting their focus from working at home and taking care of their kids. Many listeners usually play their podcasts in the background during their drive to work or shopping in grocery stores. With the shift of activities, the process of creating podcasts has changed as well. 

Source: Anchor

Video and record process

Anchor does not record your audios, it only converts the already uploaded video to the platform. Content creators and businesses will have to record their video conversations themselves and upload it to the Anchor website. Some video platforms require users to upgrade their subscriptions to allow recording. The recording process differs from one service to another. According to Anchor, they accept recordings from Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime, Twitch, Instagram Live, and Skype. 

What does it mean for you?

It may be difficult for small businesses and brands to create new content especially people who are stuck in their homes at the moment. Being able to turn your video conversations into podcast audio means being able to repurpose your content. What’s good about is that businesses don’t have to hire another person to do their podcast for them since Anchor will do the converting for them. 

Creators can upload the file via .mp4 and .mov files to Anchor and Anchor will convert the audio to a podcast. The finished podcasts appear as segments in Anchor and creators can edit the audios and add background music and other effects to their podcast. 

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