Amazon Starts Counterfeit Crimes Unit to Prevent Counterfeit Items

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 Amazon wants nothing to do with counterfeit items

Amazon’s counterfeit crime unit is responsible for investigating crimes within the company regarding counterfeit products. It will also be responsible for taking legal actions to protect its brands and customers. The team is made up of former federal prosecutors, data analysts, and skilled investigators. This has been a growing problem of the e-commerce giant for years and this time, Amazon is taking the offensive side. 

The new unit will be using Amazon’s own data and other information from external sources including payment service providers and on the ground assets. Their investigation will make it easier for their legal department to file cases. They will also tap the cooperation of the brands and businesses that fell victims of the scam. Just this week, Amazon has already cooperated with Valentino, a luxury brand in filing a lawsuit against a New York firm selling counterfeit Valentino products in Amazon. 

 Amazon’s Marketplace houses millions of third-party sellers with hundreds of millions of products. Through time, Amazon’s sellers, customers, and brands have been fallen victim to counterfeit, unsafe, and expired goods. 

In 2019, Project Zero was launched to give brands more options and tools in eliminating fake items themselves. Along with Project Zero, the Transparency operation service identifies counterfeit items and prevents sellers from selling it. To further support this counterfeit battle, Amazon is now willing to give merchant information to European and US federal authorities when a counterfeit good is identified.

As of late, Amazon has able to block more than 2.5 million suspected bad accounts and more than 6 billion suspected bad listing. This number will just grow with the aggressive stance that Amazon is taking to ward off counterfeit items in its market.  

What does this mean for you?

Knock-off products have been common at Amazon for a long time. Many sellers and brands have fallen victim to this. It doesn’t only hurt their sale at a given time, it also affects the credibility that sellers have built with their customers. With this new legal team, consumers, sellers, and brands are better protected from counterfeit items. Brands can file lawsuits against sellers and firms who are selling their knock-off items.

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