Amazon Opens Homeless Shelter in its Own HQ

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It will be the largest family shelter in the State of Washington.

Big Tech gets bigger and so its a desire to help homeless people. These industry leaders have begun their advocacy starting to build houses in regions where high salaries drive up the cost of living at a higher rate.

Partnership for the Bay’s Future

Facebook, together with Chan Zuckerberg, initiated the said project last January of last year to commit a hundred million dollars to expand affordable housing. This is to strengthen the “low-income tenant protections” in the five cities around San Francisco. 

Microsoft also pledges $500 million to increase its housing options in Seattle in the same month. This benefits the low and middle-income workers in the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Preschools and the largest shelter

Facebook and Microsoft created a buzz around the digital industry with its help to homeless people. However, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos took an initial initiative ahead as he posted in his official twitter account that he pledged $2 billion to combat homelessness and to fund a network of “Montessori-inspired preschools in underserved communities”. 

Amazon continues to raise the bar for its rival tech companies with its announcement today. It is opening a space in its Seattle’s headquarters to a homeless shelter. Business Insider reported that the space in the HQ can accommodate up to 275 people each night and offers individual private rooms for families who can bring pets. The shelter also features an industrial kitchen that is expected to produce 600,000 meals per year.

Amazon beats other tech giants in terms of taking initiatives

Amazon is a partner of Mary’s Place, a nonprofit organization that operates a shelter out of Travelodge hotel on Amazon’s campus since 2016. Today, both are helping each other to realize the mission of Amazon in helping the homeless.

Business Insider notes that the shelter in Amazon’s HQ will have enough beds and blankets for 400 families each year. The company also offers to pay for the nonprofit’s utilities, maintenance, and security for the next 10 years as long as Mary’s Place needs it.

The project of Amazon marks a dent in Seattle’s homeless population and even includes 12, 500 in King Country where Seattle is located. No other tech giant can level up to the willingness of the company to shelter the homeless in their own headquarters. The shelter’s space is scheduled to open in the first quarter of the new year.

SMBs might want to start looking for ways to help their local communities as well. This builds up trust and rapport among people within their local market. However, SMBs still don’t have enough revenue to invest in housing and similar endeavors.

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