Amazon Considers Touchless Payment Method

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The biometrics payment method is coming to Amazon sooner than you think. 

Amazon is reportedly developing a new payment method that allows the palm-scanning system and authorizing customers’ purchases with just a scan of their hands. The customers’ data are linked to their account information to enable payment. Despite the rumors and news, the company hasn’t released any comment about the news just yet. 

The palm scanners payment system

Amazon engineers developed the payment tech in private and used its employees to serve as testers of the scanners last September at its NYC office. The company made ‘checkout terminals’ and allowed consumers to pay with credit card information linked to their hands.

Shoppers insert their cards to the terminals to establish a connection to their bank information. When connection and linking have been established, users can just scan their palm prints to their terminals to pay for their purchase. It’s a new and innovative method in terms of cashless payment. Amazon is also tracking users and collects their other data including where, when, and how much users are spending. 

This biometric and palm-swiping method is still at its early stages however, this isn’t the first time for Amazon to invest in cardless and cashless purchasing. They’re already done this for their Amazon Go and allowed their shoppers to make a purchase using their app. It’s been reported last year that Amazon is intending to expand it to its supermarkets. There’s also the Amazon Pay, the digital wallet that customers can use to make purchases for online merchants that aren’t owned by Amazon. 

Palm scanners set privacy at risk

The Wall Street Journal emphasized in its report that impending privacy issues that may come with this biometric type of payment. Numerous consumer advocates warned about the palm-scanning payment method as a way of stealing personal information that leads to identity theft, which could be dangerous. Amazon is quick on its feet and has collaborated with credit card companies to protect customer information. 

Other tech companies that developed and deployed similar tech solutions for over years now. Apple’s older models for iPhones and iPads include fingerprint sensors. Other businesses use facial recognition and biometric system by their irises or voices

Amidst the issue, Amazon pursues the use of this payment method as it speeds up the process of customer check-out. The new payment solution is far more time-efficient compared to the traditional credit card payment. The palm-scanning method is a promising tech that brings convenience to the retail industry. 

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