A Supreme Order Dominos Never Saw Coming

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The company says that it’s costly and inconsistent. 

The leading pizza chain made a turnaround due to its investment in technology. Unfortunately, they’re now facing legal disputes so that they don’t have to make their websites accessible to the blind. The lawsuit was filed three years ago by Guillermo Robles after trying to order a pizza twice.  

The case is still going on and according to reports, it might be tried and passed to the Supreme Court. 

This ruling may cause a shift and put people with disabilities to an advantage since companies will be pushed to make their mobile apps and websites accessible to them. 

Basis of the case

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires businesses to make changes to their services to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities. This includes websites and apps for businesses with physical locations. The Federal Court agreed and approved the case however, the Supreme Court is still weighing in.

Domino’s defended their argument in a 35-pages document and claimed that the cost of accessibility requirements may go well into millions and that the rules around the level of accessibility have not been decided yet. The pizza chain is concerned about the ruling because the stakes are higher for many businesses. 

CNBC reported lawsuits regarding inaccessible websites have jumped to 58% since 2017 and most of these suits have been filed by 10 groups of attorneys. One of the sites that are under fire includes Beyoncé’s official website.  There is a suspected activist coalition intent on inciting pressure to the higher court so that an action can be done to settle the matter. 

The Supreme Court is set to make a decision regarding the petition by the fall. Additionally, Robles has until August 14 to file a response. 

Domino’s on the offense 

Aside from the petition passed by Domino’s legal team, the company is also undergoing a dramatic tech-infused redesign in its ordering process to help save their market share. This redesign included some work done with their logo, storefronts, website, and mobile app. They are going for a more frank and self-deprecating marketing campaign which was received positively by many customers and clients.

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