A New Survey on Customer Communication Preferences

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Consumers aren’t happy with the methods brands use to communicate with them. 

Twilio’s recent survey found out that consumers today are annoyed with the methods of communication that businesses use. When speaking with brands, consumers still pick email and text over other means. The leading cloud communications platform surveyed 2,500 global consumers to figure out when and where they want to be reached. 

The advancement of technology has brought about many ways that brands can communicate with consumers. There are new channels and platforms being made and businesses are trying to decide which of these channels work best. 

Sara Varni, Twilio’s Chief Marketing Officer said that brands aim to improve their communications landscape but are overwhelmed by the complexity of it. When it comes to improving how things work and operate, brands and companies still have a long way to go to engage their consumers in a more personalized manner. 

Twilio’s survey findings 

According to the result, about 83% of consumers prefer to receive email from businesses. Though if the message is urgent, a text form is much preferred. Only 12% of global consumers said that they prefer the company’s mobile app for getting communications from businesses. 

When consumers like the way a business communicates with them, 75% of consumers reward the said business by visiting their site, buying from their site, or leaving a good impression. In fact, 34% of consumers make positive purchasing decisions if they like how the business communicated with them. 

What does this mean for you?

Brands need to know when, where, and how their consumers want to be reached in order to gain their good side. According to the same report, the context of the message impacts the consumers’ channel preferences and the answer to breaking the barrier between brands and consumers is personalization. 

Both Gen Z and millennial consumers prefer personalized purchasing experience, from picking to actually buying the products and services they want. Twilio found out that more than 34% of the consumers shared that they make a purchase from businesses that communicated with them using their preferred channel. 

What can you do?

Businesses, brands, and marketers can rise above the challenge. Since people prefer a personalized experience, brands can’t treat all their consumers the same. Brands need to adapt to what the preferred channels of their consumers are even if that would mean a multi-platform method of communicating with their audiences. 

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