5 Ads that Building Anticipation for the Superbowl

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Brands are drawing viewers in for more than just the Superbowl

Superbowl season is an exciting time for many. It’s the football championship of the year where the best teams of the season face each other in a head to head battle of the fittest. Though there are some fans that tune in for another reason. Ads, Superbowl ads tend to be the cream of the crop. Businesses take advantage of the large viewership to reach millions of football and marketing fans.

Big brands tend to make a big showing every year with clever ads that seem to be fighting to outdo each other. Some examples of great Superbowl ads are “It’s a Tide Ad” from Tide (2018), The Force from Volkswagen (2011), and Doritos Time Machine (2014). Seemingly more than in the past brands are building anticipation through serialized ad placements that will culminate at the Superbowl.  

“It’s a Tide Ad” from Tide (2018)

From 2015 to the 2019 Superbowl viewership decreased by over 16 million. Despite the drop, According to Business Insider, Fox is charging brands 5.6 million for the ad placement. Many brands are already running teaser ads. 

The death of Mr. Peanut

Though Planter released the Planter’s Road Trip creating an expectation for a big reveal during the Superbowl, it’s likely some will tune in just to find out the next installment in the advertising saga.  

In Planter’s initial ad, Mr. Peanut sacrificed himself in order to save the other passengers. The ad set to air during the Championship game will focus on the aftermath of the nut/man hybrid’s death.  

The Force from Volkswagen (2011)

Some ads to watch out for:

Superbowl 2020 is destined to be another year filled with great football as well as some great ads. Enjoying the competition between the best of the best ads yet again will be a highlight of the game undoubtedly.  

The Force from Volkswagen (2011)

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