fordedwardsJune 1, 2020

YouTube announced the new YouTube Select which will give marketers a much wider audience to reach out to. The video-sharing platform is set out to help advertisers reach out to their audience and more. YouTube Select is a premium offer

fordedwardsMay 12, 2020

The shift of viewing experience from mobile devices to TV screens has Youtube updating its tools and advertiser insights for its advertisers.  More and more people are watching video content using their connected TVs as opposed to their mobile devices.

fordedwardsMay 12, 2020

Shopify and Pinterest partner up to launch a new channel that will enable merchants to reach out to Pinterest’s over 350 million monthly users.  The new app will make it easier for Shopify merchants to attract new customers and increase

fordedwardsMay 7, 2020

In light of the new norm in the retail industry, Yelp is updating its features to support small and local businesses.  Yelp announced new features on Monday which help businesses connect customers and keep them informed on day-to-day operations. In

fordedwardsMay 27, 2020

Facebook content moderators will now be given a minimum of $1,000 for psychological harm.  Facebook has agreed to pay $52 million

fordedwardsMay 21, 2020

Facebook pushes into e-commerce by bringing their businesses into a single store accessible by both Facebook and Instagram.  Image credits: Facebook

fordedwardsMay 8, 2020

Google is about to give its podcasters the analytics to see how well their content is performing.  Google announced the new